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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

MCC President speaks at MCC Muar Deepavali Dinner

MCC Muar Deepavali Dinner

Entertainment by AGNI ENTERTAINERS

A Cultural Dance Performance

MCC Muar Secretary, Mr Sivanesan Garlanding MCC National President Dato Dr. NKS Tharmaseelan

A Section of the Guests

Mrs Vasantha Vijayakone, wife of MCC Muar Chairman, lighting the 'Kuthuvillakku"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008


Message from MCC Muar Branch Chairman


On the 27th of December 2007 we organized a dinner at Muar and invited the few Ceylonese people who live in Muar to attend. We just told them that the MCC President together with other Ceylonese people from KL and Seremban would be attending the function. Much to my surprise about 60 people attended the function.

After listening to our National President, Dato Dr. NKS Tharmaseelan, Vice President,Dr. SS Lingam and Vice President, Women’s Council,Ms Rasamani Kandiah about 30 out of the 60 people who attended the function signed up to join MCC. We had the pleasure of handing over to the president all the signed forms on that same day.

MCC Muar Branch registration was submitted to ROS and our application was approved in July 2008. We held our first AGM on 17 August 2008 at the Parkview Hotel Muar.

The following people were elected to the committee.

Chairman … Mr T.Vijayakone
Vice Chairman … Mr K. Ramasamy
Secretary … Mr M. Sivanesan
Asst Sectary … Mrs Puspa Sivanesan
Treasurer …. Madam Radhapackiam
Auditor … Ms Vimala
Auditor … Ms Indra Nadeson

Since December 2007 we have put our little effort to create more awareness among both Malaysians and the international community that there exist an organization in Malaysia which has been safeguarding, among others ,the cultural, social and political aspirations of our community. MCC Muar website appears to have had hits from many countries where Sri Lankan Tamils now reside.

As our first project we organisd a “Deepavali Dinner” which was held on Friday 28 November 2008 at Muar.

The purpose of this function was to create bonds amongst ourselves and with our brothers and sisters from the more affluent cities. We truly believe that we can join the rest of you and provide some meaningful contribution to our community and to do that we need 2 things , more members and more money.

We are seeking more ideas to raise funds and we welcome suggestions from anyone of you who can provide ideas so that we can make our fund raising project a success. We want to do this with dignity and honour in keeping with the proud tradition and high standards set by our founding fathers.

Members of the Muar Branch are simple rural folk. Our needs are simple. We want access to the many opportunities that are available to all Malaysians. We believe that by being part of the Malaysian Ceylonese Conngress, we will be accorded our proper place in society in recognition of the great contribution made by our founding fathers to this fine country.

Thank you.

Chairman,Muar Branch
2nd November 2008
Tel 0136309280
email -

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